How to Become Fluent in english ?

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  1. a picky girl

    a picky girl ¬°•| مُشرِِفَة سابقة |•°¬

    Hi all

    How to become Fluent in english !!

    Many people couldn't even make a simple phrase ! why ??

    I will tell you how to become fluent in english easily


    1-Classes : Forget antendding classes to improve your language

    it's only dawdle your time by teaching you some words

    or Rules

    By the way , I haven't attended any class

    I have learnt on my own

    2-will power : Don't give up from the begining ,, and say it's hard to learn english

    because There's no rule in spelling words

    ex :Fine vs Fin The spelling is Completely different

    or there are more than

    100,000 words

    3- Grammar : it is not that hard ,,

    take a look at french or italian for example The Conjugation of verbs is different !!

    you will thank god cuz you've choosen english

    There are a lot of books that could help you in grammar

    4- vocabulary :

    The most improtant prat ,, Try to learn as much as possible every day.

    don't say that's enough I speak english very well now ,,

    - Learn New words by Reading books on internet ,Watching Anime , Movies ....

    - when u find a new word ,, Translate it to Arabic or english if you're not a Newbie

    Then Try to write it in many sentences ,, Cuz many words have not only one meaning

    Ex : liquidate = Pay off , Kill

    Search in google or at an online dictionaries , you'll find many expressions for each word !

    ~~ That's how you can Refresh your memory

    5-Idioms :they occur in all languages ,, It's an expression that we couldn't undretand its meaning by its words !!

    e.i : Live up to , Slow down ... ??

    6-You have a lot of firends For sure ,, Speak englishwith them in MSN , Skype.. ...

    you'll get used to englishvery nimbly

    7-Google Translator : Be Carfuell from Google Translator|ar|

    don't translate a whole expression , write only one word

    it couldn't translate it correctly for sure ,,Cuz it's not human
  2. عيون الريم

    عيون الريم ¬°•| عضو جديد |•°¬

    حكمة اعجبتني .......افعل ماشئت لكن لا تظلم احدا تميز بما شئت لكن لا تظلم احد تميز بما شئت لكن لاتتكبر ابدا .....خاصم من شئت لكن لا تشتم ابدا ..............اغضب كما شئت لكن لا تجرح احد ............دع الحياة تبكي من جبروت ابتسامتك:08295cc7a1617fc8932
  3. ŔξVẼήĜξ

    ŔξVẼήĜξ ¬°•| فنّانُ أسـطوري |•°¬

    Thanx so much
    As U said English language too easy
    just we need to focus and keep on what we doing
  4. DarkFireSlash

    DarkFireSlash ¬°•|مٌفكِر وُمبِدع تطوِري |•°¬

    now i am trying to learn korean
  5. `¤*«مُحمدْ البادِيْ»*-¤

    `¤*«مُحمدْ البادِيْ»*-¤ ¬°•| غَيثُ مِن الَعطاء ُ|•°¬

    I am catching some of Japanese words, but Korean, I never thought of learning it
    Sis, you definitely hit the point. Effort should be exerted along with patience to acquire English. In general, language is acquired with time provided that determination and will should accompany the learner
  6. najmi

    najmi ¬°•| عضو فعّال |•°¬

    bless you girl :imuae40: as for me I'm dealing with Deutsch it's too close to English & challenging :imua46:
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