How to Relax Before Final Exams

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    How to Relax Before Final Exams

    For most people, relaxing before final exams
    may prove just as difficult as learning advanced
    calculus or chemistry.
    The extra stress affects your overall health
    and well being, as well as your grades,
    so steal a moment to take a deep breath and relax.


    1Prepare for the exam prior to the night before.
    The earlier you start studying,
    the more comfortable you will feel with the material.
    Give yourself at least a week (or two) to review course material.
    Stop cramming about an hour before the test,
    so you can focus on relaxing instead.

    2Step away from the computer and books every now and then.
    Physical activity lets you relax,
    focus your thoughts better,
    clear your head and get your juices running.
    Take regular breaks while studying,
    and then try taking a short walk just before final exams start.
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    3Breathe deep and easily.
    Deep breathing offers an easy method of reducing stress.
    Simply close your eyes, relax your body,
    breathe in slowly through your nose
    and exhale through your mouth.
    Repeat until you feel calm.
    This works while studying
    and just before the actual exam.
    Try it in your seat instead of cramming!

    4Laugh out loud. If you have a problem laughing alone,
    watch a short movie or sitcom.
    Instead of having a breakdown,
    let yourself laugh and find humor in any situation.

    This keeps anger, depression and anxiety from setting in.

    5Visualize yourself calm and in control during your exam.
    Visualization techniques help reduce anxiety
    and prepare you for exams.
    Spend a few moments the night before
    and in the last moments prior to an exam
    visualizing yourself relaxed and ready to work.

    6Rest the night before a final.
    You will do better on a good night's sleep,
    as opposed to fighting to stay awake during a test.
    You also need sleep for your mind to comprehend
    and answer complex questions,
    so make sure you arrive to exams well rested.

    7Arrive early. Double check the location
    and time of your exams and plan on arriving early,
    so you do not feel rushed. This also gives you time to
    practice a few relaxation exercises

    Tips & Warnings

    Cramming may only confuse you
    and actually make you do worse on the test.
    Be confidant in your knowledge,
    which works better if you took comprehensive class notes
    throughout the year.
    These notes should be your guide
    for any reading you didn't get to

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    My stomach used to shrink whenever I was about to have an exam. there were times when I was about to stop breathing before even holding the paper of the exam. But it was strange! Once I started answering the questions, all that nasty feeling disappeared and I was only absorbed by the questions before me
    Thanks my sister for the topic. I think it would benefit readers a lot especially those who seek methods to calm themselves before the exams
    Many regards to you sis
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    that's really good points
    thanx sis
    God bless U

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