buc english club Returned to you again

الموضوع في 'كلية البريمي الجامعية |BUC' بواسطة حامله جروحها بروحها, بتاريخ ‏22 جويليه 2012.

  1. حامله جروحها بروحها

    حامله جروحها بروحها ¬°•| عضو فعّال |•°¬

    More ambition and optimism, hope and excellence Here is the English club renew the encounter with new events

    Long our absence, but we came back with more ambition

    Follow us on our page on Facebook

    BUC English Club@facebook.comققق7***
  2. DarkFireSlash

    DarkFireSlash ¬°•|مٌفكِر وُمبِدع تطوِري |•°¬

    its hard to com to the club

  3. حامله جروحها بروحها

    حامله جروحها بروحها ¬°•| عضو فعّال |•°¬

    no thing hard if you have the goal and you are really want it

    join us and learn ::s22:::ص3::
  4. DarkFireSlash

    DarkFireSlash ¬°•|مٌفكِر وُمبِدع تطوِري |•°¬

    oh yeah

    will tell me first when should i come

    cuz its Ramadhan and heard that some were studying

    its hard to come cuz of the location of the college
    and i dont have at that time a transportation

    if i came
    if i came

    there shall be new candles

    ok i wont say more


    well , its a part of ...... i am working on

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