UoB Joins Local and International Universities at GHEDEX

الموضوع في 'جَامعة البُريمي | University of Buraimi' بواسطة اسْتثنَآأإآئيَـہ, بتاريخ ‏2 ماي 2012.

  1. اسْتثنَآأإآئيَـہ

    اسْتثنَآأإآئيَـہ ¬°•| مشرفة سآبقة |•°¬

    UoB Joins Local and International Universities at GHEDEX

    Under the supervision and direction of Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Hesham Magd a number of university staff members and selected academic faculty represented the university at this year’s annual GHEDEX exhibition. Such exhibitions provide an excellent platform to promote courses and to enroll students in addition to providing an opportune time to build networks and relations worldwide. The UoB exhibit was both welcoming and attractive providing visitors with up-to- date information concerning current academic programs of study. Visitors also enjoyed the full flavor of true Omani hospitality with a cup of local Gawa accompanied by a traditional sweet.
    The university plans to build on the success of this event endeavoring to enhance our presence at future exhibitions of this nature. On a final note, the university wishes to thank all those involved in the organization of the event and we applaud the hard work and dedication shown to the university at this time​





  2. awad baloosh

    awad baloosh ¬°•| بلوش صح الصح |•°¬

    خبر غاااوي

    عسى الله يجمعهم لما فيه لخير .. وبتووفيق لجامعة البريمي من تقدم وااضح

    و مووووفقين خير
  3. أحذر كل الحذر

    أحذر كل الحذر ¬°•| عضو مميز جدا |•°¬

    Great job from mr Ahamad Alshabli
    And all best to university
    Thanks Astthnaih for this report
  4. اسْتثنَآأإآئيَـہ

    اسْتثنَآأإآئيَـہ ¬°•| مشرفة سآبقة |•°¬


    امين يارب ..

    دعواتكم للجامعه ولا تنسون وقفتكم معاها

    هذي البدايه والجاي افضل بإذن الله

    اشكرك ع المرور اخوي عوض
  5. اسْتثنَآأإآئيَـہ

    اسْتثنَآأإآئيَـہ ¬°•| مشرفة سآبقة |•°¬

    God willing

    you welcome

    Also all the best to you my brother

    Thank's so much


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