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    good evening Graduates of BUC

    today i ll let you know about our first activity as an organization graduates who invest their time on reach high and advance knowledge of the language,we want to share you some works of out partners in CSUN

    Alter Egos -- Episode 1: "The Flying Nurse"


    Who are we away from work? Meet a cross-section of Cal State Northridge faculty and staff who are as interesting and involved off-campus as they are during working hours. At CSUN, their ideas and energy are in the mix!

    A ... exclusive for NorthridgeMagazine.com

    directed, shot & edited by Krishna Narayanamurti
    written & produced by Brenda Roberts
    co-produced by David Mascarina
    executive producers: Vance Peterson, Ligeia Polidora, Joseph O'Connor and Randal Thomson
    animation by iStockPhoto.com
    music by RoyaltyFreeMusic.com
    special thanks to: Circus Vargas, Klotz Student Health Center, Richie Ganoa

    All copyrights reserved for CSUN

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