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  1. ديلاوير

    ديلاوير ¬°•| عضو مبتدى |•°¬

    Today i want to talk with you in English take about whatever u want

    to improve our speaking

    lets beginning
  2. QUEEN.B

    QUEEN.B ¬°•| عضو مميز جدا |•°¬

    to every MAN in this WORLD :
    I say ...
    DON'T treat me to the things of this world
    I'm not that kind of GIRLYOUR love WHAT I PREFER
    pull me into your arms
    say I'm the ONE U want
    if U don't
    you'll be alone and like a ghost
    I'll be GONE !
  3. دمار الكروزر 311

    دمار الكروزر 311 ¬°•| عضو مميز جدا |•°¬

    attention: every member here in a forum before submit his or her response

    please don't forget to read it again and again

    it consider advice not any more

    GENERAL ¬°•| I AM ... JOE FIERCE|•°¬

    oh plz get lost damar

    queen b go ahead girl
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