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  1. mechanical-engineer

    mechanical-engineer ¬°•| عضو مميز |•°¬

    Intensive 5 Day Seminar

    Smart Leadership:
    Achieving Strategy through Leadership & Innovation

    23 - 27 May 2011, Geneva
    25 - 29 Jul 2011, Vienna

    This program offers an opportunity to focus on the development and nurturing of people, processes and practices that foster innovation to come up with better methods and services to out perform competition. The program will demonstrate how to take the strategic plan and process to the next level and gaining the essential “buy-in” from all employees by a methodology proven by some of the world’s largest corporations. Getting their energy, ideas and changes to make the strategic process a success is vital and is the core of this program.

    This seminar aims to enable participants to:

    Set creativity and innovation in a strategic con....
    Understand the drivers for a greater emphasis in business on creativity and innovation
    Identify the processes and activities which support creativity and innovation in organizations
    Identify the strategies, tools and techniques to improve levels of creativity and innovation
    Understand the crucial role and skills of the leader in creating an environment where creativity and innovation thrive

    A Z-T E.C.H Training & Consultancy
    P.O. Box: 89-522
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Tel : +971-4-3 6 78 2-8 8
    Fax : +971-4-3 6 610-4 2

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