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    MUSCAT — In an earnest attempt to rise to the occasion with His Majesty’s call for creating 50,000 jobs for
    the national work force, the private companies and the public sector firms in the Sultanate of Oman, along with the Royal Oman Police have come up with thousands of opportunities for the educated young Omani citizens. When all the necessary ........ation procedures are through, an equal or more nationals will be recruited in various positions in the coming months which include both skilled and unskilled work force.
    The Muscat-based Renaissance’s Contract Services Group (CSG) was the first company to respond to the Royal Order and an advertisement campaign has appeared in all of Oman’s leading Dailies, both in English and in Arabic. From this campaign, they are to intake more than 5,000 Omani nationals in a few months time, according to the senior managers of the company. Commenting on this announcement, Adil Bahwan, Chief Development Officer at Renaissance Contract Services Group said, “We are looking for Omani job seekers who are not currently employed. Candidates without prior experience shall be given pre-employment training. We are specifically targeting the unemployed Omanis who need work opportunities and we sought the Ministry of Manpower’s collaboration on this point to ensure that our candidates were registered unemployed citizens”. These candidates will serve the group’s diverse clients within the oil and gas, energy services, healthcare, education, military, commerce and industry, ports and marine sectors.
    Saud Bahwan Group, the leading automotive agency in the Sultanate, came out with an intention to employ 1,000 Omanis in various positions and an announcement was made in all the leading newspapers. With this, the most sought-after group will be raising the number of job opportunities with them in sales and marketing, distribution, travel and tourism, logistics and others.
    The Zubair Group has announced that it would create 1,300 new jobs for Omani nationals. In a statement, the officials at Zubair said that it will take on the new workforce across its wide range of industries, investments, automotive, information and communication technologies, energy, electric, tourism, furnishing, real estate and construction home and business solutions, cultural heritage and publishing.
    “We are totally committed to wholeheartedly supporting His Majesty in his newest initiative to provide 50,000 Omanis with jobs across a number of sectors within our economy”, Khalid al Zubair, Managing Director, The Zubair Corporation, said. The Galfar Engineering and Contracting Company has reiterated its massive Omanisation drive and assured the shareholders that it would remain so.
    “The country has in 40 years been transformed into a modern and vibrant country well known in the region and the entire world”, said Dr Mohamed Ali, Vice-Chairman and Managing Director of the Group. He praised His Majesty’s benevolence towards the expatriate community and urged all nationals and expatriates alike in the company to take on the role of mentors in assisting fellow Omanis in their career growth.
    He also stressed that it is “our duty towards the nation to plan for effective Omanisation and to employ Omanis in jobs that would suit their skills, personality and character.” Further, he called on expatriates to enthusiastically support the company’s “on-the-job” training efforts targeting Omanis.
    Galfar Training Centre, he said, continues to make a major contribution towards the national goal of producing employable Omani youth for the wider industry. Many of these youngsters have been absorbed in several companies across the construction industry, he said. He pledged that Galfar was committed to surpassing Omanisation goals set by the Ministry of Manpower and would continue in its endeavour to support the career development of all Omanis within the company.
    Nawras, in its recruitment drive, is currently holding events with the support and guidance of the Ministry of Manpower and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to interview invited job seekers and to provide them with all the information they need to join the company.
    It has announced that it will provide 150 new jobs in a move that will see the company’s employee numbers jump significantly with an immediate increase of 17 per cent. “We are delighted to have this great opportunity to grow the Nawras family even further and to provide rewarding careers for so many more young people in our exciting business of serving the people of Oman with pleasingly different communication services,” said Chief Executive Officer Ross Cormack.
    A number of other companies such as OPAL (Oman Society for Petroleum Services) are also in the process of absorbing more national workforce in response to the Royal directives and the coming days will witness some of the Oman’s noted organisations coming up with calls for recruiting local manpower.
    The Royal Oman Police is in the process of making 10,000 new jobs available for job-seekers with the force. Lt Gen Malik bin Sulaiman al Maamari, Inspector General of Police and Customs, said “As many as 500 people will join the police at the Sultan Qaboos Academy for Police Sciences in Nizwa, while the ROP is co-ordinating with the Ministry of Manpower to recruit 3,000 citizens and send them immediately to training centres affiliated to the ROP”.
    Al Maamari urged all citizens wishing to join the police service to get their data finalised and update their files at the Ministry of Manpower to help the ministry provide the ROP with the job-seekers’ names.
    Also, in implementation of the Royal directives to provide 50,000 citizens with jobs, the Ministry of Manpower has appointed 2,176 citizens in new jobs in public and private sectors in liaison with the departments concerned.
    Meanwhile, Manpower Minister Shaikh Abdullah bin Nasir al Bakri said in a statement to Oman News Agency that the directives of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos stipulate the appointment of 35,000 citizens in military, security and other government establishments. He explained that the dates of interviews will be announced via the mass media.

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