How did we believe in free will?

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    How did we believe in free will?

    I believe that the world is deterministic.
    I think that we do not have free will, I think our brains work like computers, input/output.

    I think we take a decision or make a move not because we are free to do so, but because we have to do it according to what input gone in our brains, and what data our brains have. So the move we do is deterministic according to these two things (what happened to us, what do we know)

    That's what I believe,

    If you think that is wrong, please tell me why.

    My question for who believes the same as me:
    If this is the case, every thing in the world is deterministic, how come in a world ruled by determinism, our deterministic brain can reach the principle of "free will"?
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