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  1. mixrix

    mixrix موقوف

    I miss you

    A gloomy exhaustion looms

    over the day...

    I can't sleep...

    Can't dream...

    Can't cry...

    No matter how much I want to.

    I can only wonder when you'll return...

    If you ever will.

    There's an ache every time

    I breathe...


    I worry you won't make it.

    How I dread that day...

    The day I lose you,

    My friend,

    My brother...

    Please don't slip away

    from me...

    I close my eyes

    and think...

    Of the day when your omnipresence

    shall become


    *dedicated to Car
  2. NFNOF

    NFNOF ¬°•| عضو مبتدى |•°¬

    هع هع !!
    شو هاي السخاافه . . .
  3. Sμilε

    Sμilε ¬°•| » نقـآء يسڪْننيّ|•°¬

    :7:*dedicated to Car

    i hope all your dreams become true brother
    great words =)
    keep going
  4. mixrix

    mixrix موقوف

    Sμilε :2253446f49dd40fbf5e هههه ,,, at last ,,,,all these words just for a car ha ha ha ...

    thank you ....

    keeeep it up ...smile :)
  5. mixrix

    mixrix موقوف

    thank you ,,,,,,,,,,,,, i really like'ya
  6. Sμilε

    Sμilε ¬°•| » نقـآء يسڪْننيّ|•°¬


    i was shocked
    ,,,:cute: all those words for a car

    h3 looool
  7. توتة بغداد

    توتة بغداد ¬°•| عضو مميز جدا |•°¬

    ناااااااااااااايس بس م فتهمت كلش هع

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