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    Bold, distinctive design

    Range Rover Evoque is a bold new evolution of classic Range Rover design cues.

    Its dynamic profile, with a dramatic rising beltline, muscular shoulders and a distinctive taper of the floating roofline, seems to draw the eye towards it, giving Range Rover Evoque a natural authority and magnetism . . *

    Contemporary and sporty cabin style

    Inside, the contemporary, spacious architecture is combined with premium luxury design and materials . . *

    The dramatic slope of the center console and the pure, elegant horizontal lines of the instrument panel draw from classic Range Rover models, while the quality and craftsmanship of materials is highlighted by the clean feel of the interior surfaces . . *

    Subtle ambient lighting, using the latest LED technology, can be color-adjusted to match your mood . . *

    To enhance the sense of space and freedom, you have the option of a dramatic, full glass panoramic roof . . *

    Advanced lightweight, sustainable materials

    To reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency, Range Rover Evoque uses the most advanced lightweight materials. Aluminum, magnesium and titanium components contribute towards its carbon-efficient footprint . . *

    Carefully designed to maximize the use of more sustainable manufacturing materials, each vehicle uses approximately 35 lbs of recycled plastic and 46 lbs of natural and renewable materials . . *

    Electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) also contributes to making Range Rover Evoque the most sustainable Range Rover model ever by reducing fuel consumption, and by eliminating the excess energy in a conventional power steering system, EPAS further reduces CO2 emissions . . *

    *Data based on manufacturer’s estimate

    Your unique Range Rover Evoque

    Your vehicle can be tailored to your own unique taste and lifestyle. Your choices start with three main design themes, with distinct interior and exterior designs :


    A striking coupe-like exterior combined with elegant, uncluttered interiors in neutral colors showcases the pure, simple forms of the cabin architecture. Brushed aluminum trim contrasts with the soft-touch wrapped materials . . *


    The ultimate in Range Rover luxury, combining an enhanced exterior with unique 19 inch wheels and sparkling ....llic details with a sumptuous interior almost entirely swathed in the finest leather, complemented by real wood and ....l finishes . . *


    A bold, dramatic exterior with 19 inch wheels, unique bumpers, sills, grille and tailpipes, which projects a more assertive, confident stance. Premium sports interior with leather seats and unique sports detailing reinforces the dynamic design theme . . *​


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