where is the Happiness?!..

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  1. Sμilε

    Sμilε ¬°•| » نقـآء يسڪْننيّ|•°¬


    Happiness was asked
    where do you exist
    said in the hearts of people who are
    satisfied with the destiny of ALLAH

    they asked happiness : what do you eat

    said i feed my self by the strength of the
    worshiper's faith

    they asked happiness : what makes you maintain

    said the good thinking about ALLAH that ALLAH never does something bad

    they asked happiness : in what you believe

    said i believe that all what is happening to human is written by ALLAH and everything happens according to his will
  2. QUEEN.B

    QUEEN.B ¬°•| عضو مميز جدا |•°¬

    After of all the darkness and sadness
    soon come happiness
    if I surrounded my self with positive things
    I'll gain prosperity
  3. شموخ بريماويه

    شموخ بريماويه ¬°•| عضو مميز |•°¬

    [​IMG]very sweet words
  4. عسووولة

    عسووولة ¬°•| عضو مثالي |•°¬

    a wonderful dialogue,,,,it is a nice words ,,,,i actually love too much those words,,
  5. barca85

    barca85 ¬°•| عضو فعّال |•°¬

    How ar u
    Thanks for your good subject
    I think that is agood dailect For each persons
    U must for every body do that
  6. Sμilε

    Sμilε ¬°•| » نقـآء يسڪْننيّ|•°¬

    You're most Welcome
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