you hurt me so bad...

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    GENERAL ¬°•| I AM ... JOE FIERCE|•°¬

    Dear best friend …
    Right now u r probably wondering
    Where I am who im with and why u r reading this
    But before I go into..
    What im up to let me confess
    Dear sweetheart
    I know about ur secret
    Where you've been who you with I saw you ... with it
    And yet you always try to maintain
    How I got a god thing and I cant do better
    Do you remember what you told me?
    Cause I remember it well ( how could I forget )
    Do u remember how u said no one could fool me
    And I said time will tell

    Thats why im so sorry
    That I couldn't be there
    To see the look up on your face
    And im so sorry that it took me so long
    So long to put you an your place to hell

    Im writin u this letter
    Just to let u know that
    That I still love you
    But I wont be comin back
    U had me at hello
    Now I gotta say goodbye
    Cause one too many times u made me cry

    Im hopin that this find you well..
    But you put me through a living hell
    You left me with nothin to do
    Im leaving u
    Im leaving u

    Dear (……..)
    Right now ur probably see my clothes are gone
    are gone and I aint lovin
    So don't even bother
    To call my number
    Cause I got it changed
    Why ……………………….. do this to me
    Couldn't just see
    I gave my heart gave my time
    And I got nothin
    So it shouldn't be surprising
    This letter im writin
    That you there by yourself

    But I can end this with those saying
    Thank you for everything you put me through
    Ive come so far alone
    Im leaving im leaving im leaving……
    im movin on
    And now im so much wiser
    Cause the pain that you gave me
    Never ever put me down
    Ur only made me strong
    Im leavin im leavin im leavin…
    im gone…………………………..


    to all broken hearts
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  2. المغرم الهاوي

    المغرم الهاوي ¬°•| فخر المنتدى |•°¬

    نيس وووورد

    يسلمووووو علي الانجلش

    GENERAL ¬°•| I AM ... JOE FIERCE|•°¬

    من ذوقك...........
    any time baby
  4. AL W$WAS

    AL W$WAS موقوف

    شو السالفه؟؟؟؟؟؟

    GENERAL ¬°•| I AM ... JOE FIERCE|•°¬

    السالفه وما فيها
    قصيده بالانجلش...
  6. QUEEN.B

    QUEEN.B ¬°•| عضو مميز جدا |•°¬

  7. QUEEN.B

    QUEEN.B ¬°•| عضو مميز جدا |•°¬


    GENERAL ¬°•| I AM ... JOE FIERCE|•°¬


    GENERAL ¬°•| I AM ... JOE FIERCE|•°¬

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