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    Writing a paragraph is not a natural skill, but learned skill. Anyone can learn! Simply follow the structure below


    A paragraph usually contains a general idea in one sentence, and 4 - 5 supporting sentences which expand this idea by giving explanation, details and/or examples to support the main idea. Length can vary.

    On the page, the paragraph is a solid block of writing (like this!) To start a new paragraph, you should leave a whole line and start at the beginning of the line after. You can indent - if handwriting (start about 2 cm from the left), but this is not necessary if you have left a line.



    There is no one correct structure. However, a useful structure is:

    1. Topic Sentence

    This is the first sentence and it expresses the main idea.

    2. Supporting Sentences

    details that expand your main idea.

    3. Concluding Sentence

    a rounding off, possibly by summarizing what has been said or drawing a logical conclusion from it.

    (Note that in a piece of writing which is longer than one paragraph you should leave your conclusion to the very end!)

    Another way of explaining the 3 parts of a paragraph is to describe these parts like this:

    Say what you are going to say.

    Say it.

    Say what you've said!



    Planning is essential. Even in situations where time is limited, you should plan by briefly noting your points.

    A plan can look like this:


    When you are planning, Jot down Just enough to remind you of your points.

    Number your points so that when you write you know what order you are going to write them in.


    For an assessment task, you will probably need to

    Write one draft from your plan,

    then make corrections (edit your draft)

    then rewrite it.

    Even professional writers do this!

    Sample of the finished paragraph:

    There are three levels of government in Australia. The Commonwealth looks after areas of national importance such as postal services, foreign affairs, and collecting and distributing taxes. It also supervises the armed forces. The State Governments' responsibilities include hospitals, schools and the state police forces. Local concerns, such as suburban streets and garbage services, are looked after by Local Government. So, in general, the responsibilities of each level of government are appropriate to the geographical area it serves.



    Sometimes writing sounds jerky when read. You can make your paragraph more flowing by:

    Using linking words and phrases such as: also, as well as, firstly, next, then, finally, so thus, as a result, because, therefore, for example, for instance, in contrast, on the other hand.

    Using pronouns: Once mentioned, Jack Smith can become he, Dr. Susan Brown can be she, and the community can be called it, - as long as the meaning is clear.

    Starting sentences in different ways. For example:

    Draft sentence:
    "In Australia, there are three levels of government"

    Instead, you could write...
    "Government in Australia is on three different levels"

    "There are three different levels of government in Australia."

    Warning! Of course, the focus of the sentence may change if you start a different wall - be sure it is what you want!



    The paragraph is basic to most writing styles. It is worth spending some time getting it right

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    Thank u very much 4 ur nice information
    keep it up
    my god bless u
    Thanks again
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    Thank you my dear brother to this Information on how to write a paragraph
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    thanx for the useful information

    i learnt it this year
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