Linguistic Intelligence

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  1. a picky girl

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    Linguistic intelligence is the ability to use language to excite, please, convince, Linguistic Intelligence involves not only ease in producing language, but also sensitivity to the nuances, order and rhythm of words stimulate or convey information

    Linguistic Intelligence is defined as

    having the following criteria

    a deep understanding of words and a sensitivity to the literal and figurative meanings of words

    highly developed oral and written communication skills

    knowledge of grammar rules and when it is appropriate to disregard those rules

    sensitivity to the musical qualities and rhythms of words

    knowledge of the many different uses for language, such as persuasion, information, or pleasure

    Poets, writers, and public speakers are examples of linguistically intelligent people

    Maya Angelou, William Shakespeare, and Abraham Lincoln are famous examples of linguistically intelligent people​
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    many English students complet their studies
    in this section

    thnx 4 the breif info
  3. a picky girl

    a picky girl ¬°•| مُشرِِفَة سابقة |•°¬

    Thank u my dear,I really like linguistic in general & its branches in specific for example semantic ,syntax...etc.Now, I really missed such courses since i am completing my study to find a good job. Pray 4 me to get what i am planning to .. .
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