Half of the Ramdan has left /do you find any change in your heart?

الموضوع في 'البُريمِي لـ الْخيِمْة الرّمضـِانيّةُ 2013-1434' بواسطة حكآيةة غيم, بتاريخ ‏26 جويليه 2013.

  1. حكآيةة غيم

    حكآيةة غيم ¬°•| مُشرفة الخَواطر |•°¬

    Half of the Ramadan has left us, do you find any change in your heart? do you feel that "something" changed inside you? It is not about how many Raka'a your pray every night or how many pages of the Quran you recite. The main goal of fasting this month is to achieve (Taqwa=Being conscience of Allah is one meaning of Taqwa) which is something that you feel inside your heart.

    Try to find your heart in the remaining days and nights...♥♥♥

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