1. мά∂εмσίşάĻĻe

    мά∂εмσίşάĻĻe ¬°•| مشرفة سابقة |•°¬

    In The Name Of Allah
    мy Idol


    There is no doubt that each one of us has someone to admired..
    And absolutely there are couples of reasons to chose that character ..
    Maybe he's a scientist,
    football player,
    one of the family,
    , etc

    So, in this topic the first one who will going to response must chose one of the Alburaimi.net members to write about the person who like.

    You have to write in this model
    The name
    The position
    The job
    And why you chose him/her

    Lets get more knowledge
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  2. عبارات الحياة

    عبارات الحياة ¬°•| هتّان إبداع |•°¬

    I like u idea

    It is so beautiful

    I will write about love
    (a brother,
    a friend,

    - Love is a blessing from the Lord of the Worlds

    And not a defect that love never

    мά ∂ εмσίşάĻĻe

    I'll be back
  3. alshibli

    alshibli ¬°•| مراقب عام |•°¬ إداري

    thanks for giving us a very nice topic

    I am still looking for that person.
    Unfortunately, there is no one yet !
  4. دانة غزر

    دانة غزر رئيسة المشرفين إداري

    ماشاءالله عليج يالغلا
    ابدعتى من الخاااااااااااطر
    ربي يحفظج

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