1. ŔξVẼήĜξ

    ŔξVẼήĜξ ¬°•| فنّانُ أسـطوري |•°¬

    Hello is you OK ? Is you ? Good


    Everyone has memories
    Whether it was nice memories or bad

    I wonder what's the happiest memories for you
    What are the things that can't forget
    best thing you ever had

    Here in this topic you can talk about
    Your experiences , memories , days and anything else

    All by me
  2. عيوز بدويه

    عيوز بدويه ¬°•| عضو جديد |•°¬


    so nice topic

    i will back ^^
  3. `¤*«مُحمدْ البادِيْ»*-¤

    `¤*«مُحمدْ البادِيْ»*-¤ ¬°•| غَيثُ مِن الَعطاء ُ|•°¬

    Brilliant! Revenge! I like it!
    Sticky for One Week!
  4. ŔξVẼήĜξ

    ŔξVẼήĜξ ¬°•| فنّانُ أسـطوري |•°¬

    thanx sis
    waiting 4 U
    :wa 4:
  5. ŔξVẼήĜξ

    ŔξVẼήĜξ ¬°•| فنّانُ أسـطوري |•°¬

    thanx bro
    God bless U
  6. ŔξVẼήĜξ

    ŔξVẼήĜξ ¬°•| فنّانُ أسـطوري |•°¬

    I remember school days
    it was really a beautiful days
    I had a group of friends
    lots of funny things happened
    I remember when we come in the morning and stand in the queue morning
    and when we resolve with some duties
    When cheat in exams
    but now I don't know anything about those people
    despite no long time when for this , maybe 1 year only

  7. ŔξVẼήĜξ

    ŔξVẼήĜξ ¬°•| فنّانُ أسـطوري |•°¬

    Our old crib was in Haret Al gadi but we moved to new Sa'ra
    maybe from 4 years ago
    It was very nice moments in there in Haret Al gadi
    because I raised in there
    I still goin' to our old crib and see how it is
    cuz I have things need to care about there


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