for students HOW can you make a good Presentation

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    Presentation structure


    Needs to grab the audience’s attention
    Lets audience know what the talk will be about


    Consists of points (for a two minute talk, you may have two main points; for a three minute talk, you may have three main points etc)
    Signals to audience when you are discussing a new point
    Points need to flow logically (be connected)


    Summarises key points made
    Should leave the audience with something to think about

    Oral presentation skills

    What topic?

    Select a topic that you are interested in
    Select a topic your audience will be interested in
    Make sure that your topic is suitable for your audience

    2. Ineffective types of delivery:

    Manu......: This is a delivery type where you read your presentation word-for-word.
    Impromptu: This is an unprepared talk and delivery

    Oral presentation skills continued

    Memorised: This delivery type can often be worse than manu...... delivery as it appears false and mechanical. The speaker is bound to the words he/she has memorised; there is no room for fluency

    3. An effective delivery:

    Extemporaneous / enhanced conversational: This delivery is the preferred type. It has a balanced amount of preparation and rehearsal but is not memorised or read. The aim is to talk to the audience with a relaxed and conversational manner

    Use an outline: prepare an A4 sheet of paper with your key ideas on it. You can refer to this briefly while presenting your talk

    4. Guidelines for delivery

    Speak with confidence (stand tall, and don’t fidget with your hands or clothing)

    You need to gesture (but don’t over gesture; this will look forced)
    Have all of your resources (i.e. outline, visuals) ready before you start speaking

    Begin without looking at your outline

    Establish and maintain eye contact: you will achieve a higher rapport with your audience if you look at them. Remember, though, to randomly scan the room…try to look at everyone but don’t look too robotic

    Only pack up once you have finished your talk

    Remember that oral presentations rely on effective nonverbal communication cues from the speaker

    5. Vocal elements

    Speak with enthusiasm: This helps to build rapport with your audience

    Choose a topic that you enjoy talking about: This will come through in your vocals

    Speak loud enough to be heard: Do not shout but do not speak too softly

    Avoid “ums”

    6. Remember:

    It is normal to feel anxious: nerves can help you if you have prepared well

    Practise!!! Visualise your audience while you are practising
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    Wow! Magnificent sis, I hope your topic will give guidance to students. It's well organized and elaborated
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    It is a fantastic presentation on how to give good presentation
    Thanks for the advices
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    yeah i hope it helps the students
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