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    Hi everybody
    I brought you this link to learn about phonetics and phonology .
    Phonetics is a branch of linguistics that comprises the study of the sounds of human speech. While phonology describes the way sounds function within a given language or across languages to encode meaning.In other words, phonetics belongs to de......ive linguistics, and phonology to theoretical linguistics.

    In breif,
    Listen & Learn
    how we pronounce the English letters both consonants and vowels
    PRESS here :003:
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    Well, I felt excitement throbbing inside me because finally you hold the pen and wrote for us
    Returning back to the topic, it's of regret that I do not know much about those two disciplines
    It reminded me to what an English lady told me once. She said that I should not try to imitate the way native speakers utter words, instead, I had to focus on how to make an utterance in a clear way, so that other would understand my utterance
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    nice thanx
    waiting 4 your new
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    Great job
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    تسلم أخوي ع الطرح
    وننتظر الجديد منك
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  7. najmi

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    Happy me :imuae17:
    I like "those two disciplines" specially dealing with the physical process of uttering a letter ::s17:: anyways ,, :hehe2: thanks for passing by
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    المتجول, مركز زينب, دق التحية قدامك عمانية & Revenge

    thanks for passing by
    I really hope it's a fruitfull topic for you all
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    well this is wonderful work :imuae83:
    thanx Najmi

    mmmm it's very important lessons for beginners :cute:

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