1. `¤*«مُحمدْ البادِيْ»*-¤

    `¤*«مُحمدْ البادِيْ»*-¤ ¬°•| غَيثُ مِن الَعطاء ُ|•°¬

    A phrasal verb is a verb plus a preposition or adverb which creates a meaning different from the original verb

    1. Jan turned down the offer of a lift home
    2. Buying that can has really eaten up all my savings
    3. I don’t think that I will be able to put up with his behavior anymore
    4. After a disastrous first half we fought back to level the scores
    5. He was asking her to fight back her anger/tears
    6. She is now fighting for her life in hospital
    7. They had to fight off repeated enemy attacks
    8. She fell down and hurt her leg
    9. We spent most of our holiday lounging around beside the pool
    10. He wishes his ears didn’t stick out that much
    11. For heaven’s sake! Shut her up
    12. Let us eat out tonight
    13. She tore up the letter
    14. She tore up all the letters that he had ever sent her
    15. She read the letter and then tore it up
    16. The match was called off because of the bad weather
    17. Sami will be looking after the children
    18. I’ve gone off chocolate
    19. The deal has been called off
    20. The premier came under a lot of criticism from the Parliament
    21. British produce came under a lot of pressure from foreign competition
    22. Day nurseries come under the Department of health
    23. Records and tapes come under published material
    24. He was always prepared to account for his actions
    25. The gene they had discovered does not account for all those cases
    26. Children’s needs account for a good part of the family’s budget
    27. Tea accounts for three fifths of Seri Lanka’s exports
    28. Grants for each student must be accounted for by the issuing authority
    29. Most of the evidence adds up to the clear conclusion that human beings are able to control their feelings
    30. A fresh package of public spending cuts aimed at bringing down the government borrowing requirements
    31. Many of theses devices are aimed at people with this kind of deficiency….
    32. The contactors are complaining about the long-term fixed-price contacts which did not allow for the escalation of costs.
    33. Pasta can be frozen, but should be under.....d to allow for the reheating.
    34. His attitudes towards her amounted to loathing
    35. He knew several boys who might answer to that de......ion (have the characteristics described)
    36. Our proposals were argued out in meetings that seemed never to end
    37. The publisher asked for time to think it over..
    38. I have two items of business to attend to before I could relax
    39. The administration appeared to back away from official criticism of the prime Minister
    40. A spokesman says the president has backed off from his threat to boycott the conference
    41. They openly express the worry that the Japanese will back out of the agreement
    42. The more bills you can include to back up your claim , the happier the finance department will be
    43. The secretary General says the declaration must now be backed up by concrete and effective actions
    44. We need government assistance to bail us out should things go wrong (help in difficult situation)
    45. If I am overdraw one month, it should theoretically balance out in the following month
    46. Indianapolis has beat out nearly 100 other cities as the site for the huge United Airlines maintenance center
    47. U.S government specialists went through every page of the report, blacking out any information a foreign intelligence expert could use
    48. Two united party senators broke away and formed a new party
    49. Australia had broken away from Antarctica and continued to drift
    50. An unhappy marriage which eventually breaks down often results in disturbed children
    51. Enzymes break down proteins by chemical action
    52. The break-in and the robbery took them only minutes
    53. You can break each feeding period into several parts
    54. Several cases of outbreaks of looting were reported in the dark streets of NY
    55. Scientists are hovering on the brink of a major breakthrough in the treatment of cancer
    56. Myna unofficial strikes have brought down the regime
    57. The firm has just brought in a three-shift system
    58. I advised her to bring up this issue at the next meeting
    59. His organizational knowledge and personal reputation have built the business up.
    60. They barricaded the streets of the city with burnt-out cars
    61. The parcel was kept at the post office until someone called for it
    62. The declaration called for an immediate cease fire
    63. Democrats are calling for a two-year tax cut
    64. Controlling a big class calls for all your skills as a teacher
    65. They call him in for questioning
    66. The radio station had an open line on which listeners could call up to discuss various issues
    67. The total is then carried forward to next month’s accounts
    68. He explained to us that he was only carrying out instructions
    69. Men at the top make the decisions; men at the bottom carry them out
    70. Most leaders of third world countries are obsessed of catching up with the west.
    71. The mines had been closed down following a geological survey
    72. As night closed in, the invasion forces continued to wait
    73. Prices could come down only if wages come down
  2. `¤*«مُحمدْ البادِيْ»*-¤

    `¤*«مُحمدْ البادِيْ»*-¤ ¬°•| غَيثُ مِن الَعطاء ُ|•°¬

    If you have any inquiry regarding what I stipulated above, do not hesitate to call me forth
  3. ŔξVẼήĜξ

    ŔξVẼήĜξ ¬°•| فنّانُ أسـطوري |•°¬

    phrasal verbs
    or I should say my favorite

    In fact
    I like to use this kind of verbs a lot
    I feel it's different and special
    and I love to be special when I'm talking or submit an research

    Do not deny that it's difficult sometimes
    Because some of the words are made ​​up of long words
    different of the meaning in the original word

    THX bro

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